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Dry cleaning shampoo

Atelier del Barboncino

Essential Dry Shampoo is ideal for your Poodle, it gently cleans the coat without water allowing for frequent use. The foam is removed quickly leaving the hair clean, dry, fragrant, soft and easy to comb, respecting the balance of the coat and protecting and moisturizing the skin.

Detergent substances of natural origin guarantee an accurate and delicate cleaning of your poodle's coat even without the use of water. Formulated with ingredients with a moisturizing effect that help soothe the consequences of skin redness and with essential oils with natural parasite and mosquito repellent properties.

Contains no parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and added SLS/SLES.

The main cosmetic functions attributed to the contained principles:

Rose water : astringent, purifying, revitalizing;
Organic Chamomile Extract : soothing, refreshing, anti-reddening, suitable for sensitive skin and brittle, brittle hair;
Ducato Olive Oil : emollient, protective;
Lavender Essential Oil : decongestant, antiseptic, with anti-dandruff action;
Tea Tree Oil : broad spectrum antiseptic to neutralize bacteria and fungi.

Instructions for Use:

- shake the bottle well before use;
- apply the foam on the animal's fur;
- massage well in order to distribute the product evenly;
- remove dirt with a towel and then brush the fur.

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